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Curacao Transportations


Hato International Airport (located in Plaza Margareth Abraham, on the North side of the island), is Curaçao's only airport.

The ports of Curaçao are all natural, sheltered ports that offer safe, fast, efficient and reliable handling of both ships and cargo.

The Port of Willemstad currently has five wharves available for cruise vessels. All cruise wharves are secured and offer water and fuel bunkering facilities. Fuel bunker capacity is 250 tons/hour. The cruise facility outside the St. Anna Bay, on the western shore at Rif, Otrobanda, some 200 meters from the harbour entrance, consists of a T-shaped jetty with a capacity of one cruise vessel. This facility can handle cruise ships up to 145,000 gross tons safely and without restrictions and overcomes the limitations of the St. Anna Bay. Bunkers are available with a capacity of 350 tons/hour.

Very large vessels that are not able to enter the Port of Willemstad can make use of three other commercial ports of Curaçao: Caracas Bay, St Michiel Bay, and Bullen Bay, which can all accommodate vessels of any type and scale. The Curaçao Oil Terminal located at Bullen Bay, with a transshipment capacity of 1,200,000 barrels per day can accommodate ULCC's of up to 530,000 DWT on full draft. The terminal has six T-head jetties at its disposal and has a total tankage capacity of 1,775,000 barrels.

Roadways in Curaçao totalled 550 km.


Airports :

Airports - with paved runways :
total: 1
over 3,047 m: 1 (2010)

Roadways :
total: 550 km

Ports and terminals :
Bullen Bay, Fuik Bay, Willemstad





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