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Business Etiquettes


Curaçao is an important centre of business in the Caribbean. Business tends to be conducted formally; punctuality is important and dress is smart and conservative. Greetings are usually accompanied by a handshake and business cards are exchanged. Although Dutch is the official language, Spanish and English are also widely spoken.

Business Meeting & Negotiation

It’s best to show up on time. Small talk is common until the meeting starts.

Gift Giving Etiquette

At the start of a business relationship it is often considered polite to bring a small gift. The gifts are not to be opened right away and should be wrapped.


Conservative shirts and ties are usually expected and most upper management types where suits. Depending on the situation, business casual clothing may be appropriate. As for women, nice dresses, blouses, and jacket will suffice. Most women usually wear heels.

Jeans, shorts and sandals are usually not appropriate.

Business Cards

There is no specific ritual surrounding the giving of business cards although it is advisable to treat the card with respect.





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